What is CBD

CBD is an acronym of Cannabidiol, one of the major component of the cannabis plant, without psychoactive effect, with no drug effects, but able to interact positively with the receptors present in the system endogenous cannabinoid.

Properties of CBD

Many scientific studies have shown various therapeutic properties of CBD (anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer), so that today it is recognized as one of the main elements of MEDICAL CANNABIS.

Why CBD is legal

CBD, unlike THC, which is also present in the hemp plant, has no psychoactive effects, therefore the use of this element has absolutely no effect of intoxication and presents no contraindication.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals differ from other forms of extracts (for example the oils) because they preserve the physical characteristics even at high temperatures (up to 250 degrees) and this makes them preferable for determitate applications such as liquids for electronic cigarettes which produce vapor with the heat of the resistors but do not reach or even approach this temperature.
A product for “svapo” based on CBD-oil loses completely any beneficial effect regardless of its concentration, while that based on CBD crystals retains all of the properties of the extract.